Q. What does Prosure Acquisitions do? 

A. We create a network for our Clients to sell and market their products and services to consumers.

Q.Which industries is Prosure Acquisitions involved with? 

A. We do not want to limit ourselves to a certain sector. Our client portfolio can stretch as far as telecommunications, home entertainment and streaming, telecoms, beauty, security or even fundraising.

Q. What do you attribute Prosure Acquisitions’ growth to? Are the expansion plans realistic?

A. There is an unlimited opportunity for growth! All of our clients want more customers or more donations. Our seniority-free environment allows our office to prove themselves and to let their talent shine through. In a recession, we have been able to attract top notch “over qualified” applicants hungry to work their way to the top. We are now well on pace to reach our goals. Prosure Acquisitions are only interested in having the very best people expand on behalf of a client and these philosophies means that the right people have the opportunity to stand out.