Prosure Acquisitions centre everything around one core drive and that is to deliver results. Everything is geared towards making this happen.
Our determination and will to succeed combined with our knowledge of direct marketing is what makes us a popular choice for clients deciding to outsource.

About Us

At Prosure Acquisitions we are able to work effectively across any industry, which has seen us come under huge demand to increase our services.

Why Clients Choose Us

Outsourcing to Prosure Acquisitions is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to target new customers and increase brand awareness.


We can cater for any clients’ needs, whether it’s a mass-market grass-roots campaign, or something more niche and high-end.

Our Service

Companies only make money when someone buys. We can increase profits every day that they work with a client and deliver over 100% ROI.

Great Services

What We Do

With several years of experience in all areas of direct sales, marketing, strategy, consultancy and campaign design, we are able (depending on a client’s needs) to cover every aspect of a company’s direct marketing campaign; from inception through to market implementation.

How We Do It

By listening to our clients closely we acquire high value, long term customers quickly and efficiently using a direct sales model that is dedicated to increasing your bottom line.

Our Goals

Our goal at Prosure Acquisitions over the next five years is to become the fastest growing marketing company in the world. Due to the quality of service we offer, we are in constant demand to open up more campaigns for both new and existing clients and as such we are aggressively growing the operation to keep up with the needs of our client portfolio:

Awesome Skills

direct marketing 98%
increased brand awareness 83%
feedback and campaign analysis 90%
sales strategy formulation 100%
project management 94%